Why Now Is A Good Time To Go To Mexico

Mexico ports are the most famous cruise destinations in the world, attracting more than 6 million visitors a year according to Lonely Planet. Mexico offers more than 450 beaches with various points of interest. Tourists spend several days on beaches that overlook Pacific Ocean, deep-blue Caribbean Sea and Gulf of California and Mexico, and later spend their nights at luxurious Mexico hotels.

Many tourists make the intention of arriving in the country on October to April in order to catch the 65-70 degree F weather and sunny days. The “dry season”, running from September to May, is the time when most voyages are made to Mexico. People also get good travel deals during the busiest season of the year. Snorkeling and scuba diving are recorded as the most preferred beach activities in Mexico, although whale watching and culinary festivals are also common. Other activities to engage in include fishing, dolphin watching, sunbathing, spa, glass-bottom boat tours, visits to the Playa del Carmen Island and aquatic sports.

Mexico weather is also friendly for international tourists, being balmy throughout the year, with afternoon showers, torrential rains and wind gusts common between July and August. Most Mexican hotels are affordable and offer a rich variety of local foods and drinks. An example of these is the hotels in Sayulita village, which offer food according to the Mayan culture. These hotels also offer a variety of activities and entertainment for individuals and groups. Modern hotels in Sayulita have modern entertainment and spa & gym facilities. Sayulita is famous as a fishing village along the Mexican coast and tourists mingle easily with locals.

Attractive beach locations are accessible in different places and therefore many people identify accessible and convenient local Mexico hotels in any area of interest. Identifying a local hotel near the beach is one of the ways of cutting down travel costs.

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