Waterfalls in Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas Mexico hosts some of the most breath taking waterfalls in the world. Their impressiveness has resulted in recognition on world maps, tourism magazines, television documentaries, books and post cards, among other platforms. They are natural and offer a spectacular addition to your travel itinerary. Here are some of the most amazing sites you will visit in Chiapas.

  • Misol Ha fall – this is a fall fed by a river by the same name. It is located near Palenque and has huge volumes of water running throughout the year. It drains into a pool at the bottom and has a length of about 120ft. The water is refreshingly clean.
  • Agua Azul fall – it located near Palenque and recognized as one of the most beautiful and popular tourist attraction feature in Mexico Its water is turquoise blue with the river and the fall forming an excellent combination for any tourist. The water is clean, plenty and attractive all through the year.
  • El Chiflon fall – it is located near Comitan one of the most attractive remote areas in Chiapas. However, every kilometer as you head to the fall is an amazing attraction. It has multi stage features with its attractiveness being boosted by the angel wings appearance.

You will enjoy the amazing waterfall in Chiapas either along or in the company of tour guides.

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