How To Do a Mexican Surf Town On the Cheap

Mexico offers a variety of outdoor activities, especially due to its natural beauty at the coasts. During long holidays, tourists look forward to staying longer in Mexico, and hence ways of cutting down the budget come in handy. One of the towns that are popular with a variety of outdoor activities such as surfing at an affordable cost is Sayulita, located north of Puerto Vallarta.

The first reason to include Sayulita surfing town for a budget travel in Mexico is that it is traditionally a surfing location. It means it has experienced local surfer guides and trainers familiar with the spot. The village is also accessible by public bus and tourists on a budget would rather take this option than rent a private car. In fact, several buses ply to Sayulita, although it’s advisable to take those that ply through Punta Mita to reduce the travel time by half an hour. This is important since the village is a considerable distance away – 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. The buses are accessible right after arriving at the Puerto Vallarta airport and most of them will manage to reach the town in about an hour or less.

Free entertainment at this surfing village is one way to reduce your travel costs during holidays. There are different festivals available at different times of the year, such as the Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe held on 1st December to 12th December.

Cheap bungalows, hostels and rooms are also a good choice for budget travelers. In fact, one can rent out a room for as low as $4 in the town and a full house for about $40 per night. Story houses go for as low as $85 a night, and bicycle services can be accessed at $3 per night. Many of these offer standard facilities and have traditional Mexican décor. These facilities are comfortable for individuals, families and groups. The village also has a campground for interest groups. Other entertainment spots include trailer rental spots in trailer parks, which go for about $15.

Sayulita surfing town is also popular for cheap foods and drinks – an oversized margaritas that costs $5 is just enough for you and a friend, and can be bought either from nearby restaurants and hotels or while sitting at the beach. The area is also popular for cheap street food, with tacos going for as low as $3 and enough dessert treat at Churro stands goes for less than $5. Such foods are cheaper on streets than at other vending places.

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