Discover Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Just 45 minutes away from Puerto Vallerta, in the foothills of Sierra Madre Occidental is the fascinating village of Sayulita. Encircled by beautiful beaches and lush jungle, this small town has grown to be the essence of the Riviera Nayarit. It is conveniently located a short drive or even walk away from numerous Nayarit Hotels, Mexico. Visitors to this location will be glad to discover that Sayulita has so much to offer in terms of sightseeing, hiking, surfing, snorkeling, as well as many other fun and charming attractions and activities. Here is a highlight of three of the most popular attractions and activities for visitors to discover in Sayulita and the larger Riviera Nayarit.

Discover Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico
Learn to Surf or Paddle Boarding
Regardless of whether you are visiting Sayulita during wavy days or calm days, you can always try out either paddle boarding or surfing. You will definitely love paddle boarding if you are not brave enough to surf the big waves. In case you are into surfing, this place is a mecca for surfers. You will always find plenty of people surfing, paddle boarding, or just basking on the beach and there are plenty of boards for rent. There are plenty of guys who will be glad to teach you surfing for a small price if you are a newbie.
Snorkeling in the Bay
Although Sayulita is not endowed with crystal clear blue waters like Cancun, visitors can always pop out their Nayarit Hotels Mexico and snorkel on calm days while enjoying the company of dazzling marine creatures. In most cases, you won’t see some amazing creatures, but you will definitely have an awesome experience swimming around while looking for the puffer fish that always attempt to hide in the beautiful corals and sand.
 Relaxing on the Beach
In case you are not the kind of person who likes physically engaging activities like surfing or snorkeling, you can simply relax on one of the stunning beaches that Sayulita has to offer. In fact, the beach is probably the major attraction here. Most mornings are usually calm and you will only find fishermen going out to sea while afternoons are warm and often crowded. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect spot to relax away from the Nayarit Hotels, Mexico. Whether you intend to tan or swim, do not forget to head for the beach with some suntan lotion because you will probably end up with some serious sun burns.

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