Everyday Life in Mexico: Visiting Sayulita

The Mexican resort town of Sayulita in Puerto Vallarta is ideal for travelers looking for relaxation and fun away from the popular mega resort towns and cities. The charming little town that was once a fishing village offers visitors a variety of attractions. Moreover, it offers exciting activities to enjoy, while maintaining a feel good authentic Mexican feel. Spending some time in Sayulita 2015 will offer you a chance to see what everyday life in Mexico looks like.
Everyday Life in Mexico: Visiting Sayulita

The restaurants and dining experiences in Sayulita 2015 are somewhat endless. If you include torta/taco stands as well as all the little hole-in-the-wall cafes in the math, Sayulita offers more than 100 destinations to grab a bite. While most exclusive fine-dining restaurants and hotels will tempt any visitor with their lavish menus, the taco/torta stands can easily get you filled up for only a couple of pesos. There is a limitless supply of vegetables, meats, fruits, seafood, cheese, and plenty of fine wine from Baja in Mexico, Europe, California, and South America.

Sayulita is undoubtedly a famous surfer’s mecca, where visitors can get lessons and rent all sorts of boards-including kayaks and boogie boards. The Sayulita bay has a good break that is perfect for starters but offers lots of fun as well as challenges for the advanced surfers. Paddle boarding has also become highly popular in recent times and the bay is a great place for new enthusiasts to learn. Some locals and visitors just enjoy watching other beach goers and surfers from the beaches and there is a number of world class surfers who call Sayulita home.
Sayulita offers numerous opportunities for residents and tourists who love shopping. Besides shopping for souvenirs, there is a variety of art galleries, boutiques and jewelers. There are three main streets that are all less than five minutes’ walk to the beach. The streets are lined with a variety of shops that sell surfing gear and hand-made leather purses. Additionally, there is a wide range of Mexican folk art, handmade pottery and rugs, delicate beadwork, and colorful bags, bracelets and stuffed animals to choose form. Whether you prefer hand crafted items that are made by artisans who sell their crafts on the street markets and the beaches, or shopping for unique gallery pieces, Sayulita will truly surprise you. There is something for everyone and you might be surprised to find something that you never knew it existed.

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