Sayulita Mexico Vacation Rentals, Restaurants, Real Estate, Business

Sayulita offers holiday lovers an exciting experience. This includes warm waters and uncrowned beaches which are perfect for surfing. It is considered one of the least expensive yet rewarding destinations for residence and tourism. Coverage in major newspapers has shown spotlight on the area leading to an influx of tourists.

Sayulita Mexico Vacation Rentals, Restaurants, Real Estate, Business

With the growing popularity, Sayulita Real Estate prices are bound to rise. This creates a sense of urgency for anyone who desires to get a piece of this hot address. There are segmented areas to construct differentstructures for commercial, rental, restaurant and other real estate needs. Those who bought the area earlier are already reaping the benefits of making quick and solid decisions.

The prices will depend on the type, location and size of property you get. There are banks that are ready and willing to finance your acquisition of land in any part of the Mexico and especially Sayulita. You will enjoy unrestricted use unless you have purchased your piece along the designated areas. There are designated trustees with clean titles that will ensure automatic transfer.

Sayulita Mexico Vacation Rentals, Restaurants, Real Estate, Business

Previously, there were restrictions on foreign land ownership in Mexico. However, in the recent years, a change in laws means that foreigners can own properties and participate in the rewarding Sayulita real estate business. You will be required to establish a trust in which you are a beneficiary. This allows you to own the entire piece without involving foreigners.

The trust gives you the right to own, modify and develop any piece of land according to your desire. The trust has a 50 years lifespan and is renewable for unlimited number of seasons. This has opened up Sayulita real estate to foreigners and locals alike. All property transfers are supervised by government lawyers which protects your interests.

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