How to Get Around Mexico City Including Driving In Mexico, Flights, Buses, Taxis, Road Travel, Public Transport, Cycling and Walking

Mexico City is one of the easiest countries to get around as a tourist, in a group or as an individual. The options range from public transport to taxis, cycling and walking. You may take a flight and even drive around without getting lost. Here are some of the incredible options you can use.


  •   Flight  there are numerous airlines flying into Mexico from all over the world. They are easy to book online and offer very affordable packages.
  •  Taxis  there are special taxis assigned to hotels and ready to pick tourists from any port. They are the safest since it is easy to trace the vehicle. They also charge a reasonable charge and can be booked online.
  •  Public transport  the metro crisscrosses Mexico City at the most affordable rate in the world as low as 3 pesos. They are available every day and operate up to midnight.
  •  The bus  there are a convenient way of getting to every corner of the city. Some are designated for women only which makes the situation more attractive.

Security in the city makes it easy to move around as a tourist despite your language or luggage.

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