World Surf Event

The world surf event comprises of professional surfers, it is meant to show case talents worldwide. During the contests, scores are on a scale of 0.1 to10.0, the scores are then broken to increments of one tenth.



The criteria used to judge is based on the previous scores and the display of some given elements in each wave.


Like any other sport, a couple of rules apply;

  1. A  surfer has the right to be paved way when closer to an area where a wave breaks,
  2. If one surfer overtakes the other who is in an inside position, interference will be called and penalties made.
  3. Guilty of interference also applies when one catches more than the maximum number of waves in a heat, hence abstracts the ability of other competitors to catch waves.

Sayulita Surfing

In Mexico City lies Sayulita, a place best described as a surfers paradise.
The waves are very suitable for all skill stages; first timers, intermediate and advanced surfers. Throughout the year, waves break in bay, especially between December and early April. For beginners interested in surfing lessons, there is a couple to choose from, coaches and instructors are available too.

You may choose to make reservations or opt to attend the lessons any day of the week. It is advisable that you ask a potential instructor a couple of questions to find out whether they are qualified. Many places offer board rental and rash guard but it is necessary that you wear plenty of sunscreen.

A perfect means to remember about the excitement of a first lesson or to show off your moves on some great waves is to experience professional surf.  You can also take nice photos at no extra cost.

The locals may tend to be quite aggressive on crowded days, hence, for the beginners; it is advisable to stay on the right side when attempting to catch waves. One of the best things about the experience during your vacation is the neighboring surf breaks that are some drive away. Joining the surf trips is a great means of experiencing the quality waves with the perfect local guides.

Finally, Incase you are in need of guaranteed surf during a trip, hiring a car is very essential. With all the adventure during your trip, surfing experience in Sayulita is sure to create favorite memories of your vacation.

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